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Our Pre-K day is very full.  We start the day with Table games as our friends are arriving at school. It is then time for our Morning Writing Activity as we write our names and review the letter of the week with fun activities . Then it's off to CircleTime for learning and singing with our friends. We then enjoy Outside Time on the playground until it is time for Bible Story Time with Mr. Johnny. After Bible Story Time it is time for Snack Time and a Table Learning Activity. It is then time for Learning Centers centered around our theme which continue until Lunch Time. After lunch time it is then time for Music Time. When music is over the children enjoy Story Time  and finish with a Sight Word Activity at the table.

As parents are arriving at the end of the day the children enjoy doing table games with their friends.


Pre-K will help prepare your child for kindergarten. When starting kindergarten to already be familiar with sitting on the rug and participating during circle time, walking in line, writing their name, following basic school rules, following simple directions and more is so helpful for the children. It will create a smoother transition for the child.

The many things and skills they learn in Pre-K are what they can build upon in kindergarten. Such as Early Math, Early Science, Early Reading, Social Skills, Writing and much more. Having a positive and rich  Preschool and Pre-K learning experience during their early years will set the best stage possible for future years of learning. 

                                                  Ms. Vonda

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